Know your spring system

Getting to know the difference between the different spring systems used in mattresses can greatly aid you in choosing the right mattress for your needs.

There are 3 types of support system commonly used in todays mattresses:

  • Open coil spring units
  • Pocket spring units
  • High density foam

Open Coil Springs

Open coil springs are a series of springs interconnected on a single unit that comprises the suspension system of the mattress. Open coil spring units come in 2 different gauges; 13.5g which are a softer tension and 12.5g which is a firmer tension. Orthopaedic mattresses tend to combine thick layers of polyester with firm 12.5g open coil springs.

Pocket Springs

Pocket spring systems are made up of thousands of fabric pockets, each containing a single spring that provides direct support to any weight applied. Since pocket springs are individually pocketed and not interconnected onto a single system like open coil springs, pocket sprung mattresses provide much better neck and spine support. Usually a higher pocket spring count means a firmer mattress.

High Density Foam

High density foam mattresses do not contain springs at all, and instead utilize a thick layer of dense foam to serve as the mattress support. Usually softer memory foam is added to the sleeping side to provide a more luxurious surface. High density foam mattresses are perfect for thos that don’t get along with sprung mattresses, however it has been known for the high density foam to ware quicker than sprung suspension mattresses.