Know your Bed Size

When buying new beds it is common for consumers to get a little confused as to the names of certain sizes. Where most of us are familiar with single and double beds, a few people sometimes aren’t sure whether the bed they have at home is a double or a king size. 

Single beds are 3 foot / 90cm wide, and small singles can be purchased at 2’6″ or 75cm wide. 

Double beds are 4 foot 6 inch wide or 135cm, and can also be ordered as small doubles at 4’0″ / 120cm wide. 

King Size beds are 5 foot / 150cm wide.

Super King Size beds, also known as Queen Size, measure in at 6 foot / 180cm wide. At Sure Sleep Beds we can have all Divan Beds and mattresses made to order in any width and length of your choice. 
For more information you can view our Bed and mattress size guide at


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