Back Care Mattresses

If you wake up on a morning to find your back is aching or in pain, the culprit is often your old mattress. 

An old worn out mattress or a cheap mattress with inferior support springs can actually accelerate back problems, so investing in a comfortable supportive mattress is a very wise decision. 

To prevent back issues from occurring it is advisable to sleep on a medium-firm mattress, pocket springs are more beneficial as they contour to the shape of your spine.

If a firm mattress isn’t your thing consider a semi-orthopaedic which contains a strong supportive spring system with softer sleep fillings such as memory foam or cotton and wool. 

If you already suffer from an existing back problem then an orthopaedic mattress is likely what your doctor will advise you to sleep on. There is a huge range of ortho mattresses available today in a variety of firmness levels and will gradually ease your back over time. 

For the ultimate sleeping experience there are electric adjustable beds, also known as recliner beds or mobility beds. 

Combine a pocket sprung or memory foam mattress to an adjustable bed base and you will benefit from the support and comfort of the mattress with the added advantage of being able to angle and adjust your sleeping position for optimal comfort. 

Electric adjustable beds are most commonly used by elderly people needing mobility assistance and in hospitals so the majority of models come only in single sizes. 

Sure Sleep Beds in Doncaster specialise in heavy duty electric adjustable beds for use in domestic residence and commercial care homes. As well as hospital beds we also offer more homely recliner beds available in a variety of fabrics and colours to suit the interior of any home. 

Single mobility beds are the most popular size but electric beds are also available as a double if you need the extra space or want to share your bed with a partner. If two of you have different reclining requirement then dual motor options are available in king size and super king size options that feature two individual mattresses and two individual motors.

Whether you think you require a supportive orthopaedic mattress or an electric adjustable bed, both are a worthwhile investment and will improve back problems in time and contribute to better posture and a sounder nights sleep. 


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