Happy Easter

It’s just like a never ending sale at Sure Sleep!

When we do have a sale on you can be sure to grab an absolute bargain as we don’t normally run sales at all. Our prices are consistently lower than other bed shops for comparative products even when they are running a sale! 

Our range of budget mattresses has seen a slight increase in price as materials become more costly to import into the UK from Europe. We try not to focus on the lower budget range beds because as a company we try to offer a higher quality product and an exceptional service. 

You can be sure that all our mattresses contain exactly what we say they contain. If it says memory foam, it contains genuine memory foam. You can never be sure with internet retailers, always make sure you buy from a reputable company that you can always contact that audit the mattress factories. 

You can be safe in the knowledge all our beds and mattresses meet strict UK health and safety regulations and come with long guarantees against defects. 

We specialise in offering a range of high quality and great value for money orthopaedic divan beds and mattresses. You can try out a range of mattresses at our Doncaster based Bed and Mattress Showroom. 

Be sure you are buying a genuine orthopaedic rated mattress with a strong spring system by shopping with Sure Sleep.

We offer our own exclusive range of mattresses, from orthopaedic and pocket sprung sleep systems to more sumptuous memory foam and mattresses with 100% natural fillings such as cotton, cashmere and silk. 

Visit Sure Sleep on Facebook for exclusive offers and competitions. 


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